As young newlyweds, Dustin and Hiva have a baby die unexpectedly. The event unleashes a torrent of painful challenges that crash relentlessly into their lives, one wave after another. Looking into his past for the capacity to cope, Dustin sees how life’s journey has taught him many important lessons with the same theme—never lose hope! Some may attribute such happenings to ‘bad luck’, while others may blame ‘bad choices’; as Dustin discovers, however, facing pain, shock, and death is just life. The serenity of his simple country life is shattered at age ten, following an accident that threatens the use of a limb—and that was only the beginning. With tender honesty, WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN, follows Dustin through life as he grapples with trials that threaten his ideals and expectations of life. He and his family are forced to confront thorny issues—such as death, depression, infertility, abuse, and suicide—that “good religious people” usually keep hidden from society. All of these experiences prepare Dustin because, unknown to him, at some point in his future, he will have to choose when another beloved family member will die. More than ever, he needs strength to overcome.

Dustin W. Bradshaw


"White Lilies in Autumn is a must read for anyone living. Dustin has an affinity to place you by his side through his personal traumas for a first hand experience. He does a beautiful job of taking you through his and Hiva's life journey as they struggle and laugh together.  Some of the experiences he has as a child will have you laugh out loud as you have gone through similar situations and the very next page will have tears welling in your eyes because you cannot possibly imagine the pain him and his wife must suffer. Whether you are a person of faith, agnostic, or atheistic I know of no-one that could not benefit from reading this beautifully written piece of literature. You will laugh with Dustin and cry with him at the same time as you enjoy this book. If you need an "attitude adjustment" on life and the personal struggles you face this is a must read and makes a wonderful gift for family and friends alike. It will surely give you and them the boost to enjoy life more thoroughly. --Michael Camp

"This is a wonderful book that should be read by everyone. Dustin writes of his personal trials and opens his thoughts and feelings up for the world to read. This book allows us to see that everyone is faced with trials and adversity. Dustin shows us that with faith and endurance we can overcome our trials." 
--Christy Blomquist

White Lilies in Autumn by Dustin W. Bradshaw is a very inspiring story of love, faith, strength, and loss. This memoir is one of the best ones I have read in quite some time. I think Bradshaw will captivate everyone’s heart with his book. You will find yourself relating to something or other, laughing, crying, and above all amazement. I recommend this book to everyone who has gone through pain, heartbreak, and anger and thought you would never make it one more day feeling this way." --Jody Joy, Jody's Book Reviews

"...Dustin Bradshaw paints an achingly beautiful portrait of a life not merely tragic, but full of faith and hope." --Nina Bennett, Author and Healthcare professional with a specialty in bereavement issues

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"To be a witness to how Dustin and Hiva not only survived some tragedies in their lives, without losing faith, was inspirational to all of us. This book will make you cry, but the tears will make you strong as you resolve to be like Dustin and Hiva if you ever have to ‘grow up’  and face the real world.  I don’t think I will face my alligators with as much strength as they have but I know I will do it better for having shed a few tears learning about life at the hand and heart of Dustin and Hiva. You too will be glad you took the Kleenex Box and  Time to share their journey."  --James W. Ritchie

"I cannot wait to have all my friends read it!" --Valerie Osborn

"...This book is inspiring and well written. I read it in a day, it will be a light to so many." -- Dalene Dutton

"I have read your book, I am awe struck. Your book has left and imprint on my heart and I am sure it will on others as well. There is so much that we can all relate to. A story of courage and fortitude to press forward in faith." -- Tiffany Hamblin

"This is truly a story of 'man versus nature.' You really understand that you can face a trial and overcome it." --Doris Axelson

"Never lose hope. That is the lesson that echoes through the pages of Dustin W. Bradshaw’s memoir...With a strong sense of storytelling, Bradshaw leads the reader  through various points of his life, demonstrating how they are all connected. With the clarity of hindsight, he discusses the lessons he has learned. Bradshaw’s bravery in confronting the past and using it as a tool, as well as his intensely emotional descriptions, will captivate readers and provide inspiration." -- Foreign Service Journal November 2013 Edition.

"Dustin really captures what life was like. I found myself identifying with several characters throughout the book. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried." --Trisha Varney

"From the very first page, the story just hits you and you can feel what the characters are feeling." --Jen Jensen

"The book is so well done, I could not put it down. I cried for hours as I read, then I was laughing, then crying again. I feel it helped me in so many ways." --Matt Kemp

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