WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN tells the story of the unimagined depths of heartache and loss juxtaposed with the uplifting beauty of love, mercy, and kindness that we need to notice in such dark moments. All of us have challenges in life. We often hear the adage, “That will NEVER happen to me!” But what if it does? WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN reaches out to all those who feel they are drowning in the storms of life; they need to see that others have faced challenges too. This true account covers a broad range of life’s issues, and all the accompanying emotions. We read of the specter of abuse, the crush of depression, the power of religious faith, the finality of death, the utter frustration of infertility, the potential strength from a good marriage, and the shock and guilt of suicide. We must remember that we are not alone on this journey of life. 

WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN Second Edition was released February 2014 by Tate Publishing. Through book store link below you can order your own copy.
Counting Candles
We are excited to announce, Dustin Bradshaw's second book, COUNTING CANDLES, released  JUNE 2014!

As accountant James Smith approaches his 40th birthday, he concludes that his life is tedious, ho-hum, dull, and, well . . . mediocre. He can't image the vast ways that those around him are affected by his simple, caring acts. This tale of the extraordinary impact of ordinary lives is sure to touch your heart.

COUNTING CANDLES is published by Cedar Fort Publishing and you can pre-order your copy on Amazon.com. 
Dustin W. Bradshaw
White Lilies in Autumn Second Edition